That's Why We Created Snappea

Snappea delivers fresh and affordable produce to pickup sites located in your community and allows you to pick that produce up at a time that works for your schedule

  • You Order

    You select the produce you want, add it to your online cart, and pay

  • We Deliver

    We package and deliver your produce the following morning to your community's fridge where it will be securely stored in a locked box

  • You Pick Up

    You pick up your produce at any time the following day. We'll send you a key code to unlock your specific fridge box once your produce has been delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when my order is ready?

Your food will be ready in your community's fridge starting around 8 AM on the day you select for pickup. Because our delivery times can vary slightly we will text you the day of pickup once your order has been delivered.

How long do I have to pick up my food?

This depends on the "open" hours of the building your fridge is located in but you have
from the time your food is delivered until the time that the building closes that day to pick up your order. In general this should be from 8 AM until at least 10 PM on the day of your selected pickup but can vary by fridge. Your fridge's open hours of availability will be shown when you select your pickup location and time. 

How does the food pickup work?

On the day of your scheduled pickup we will text you once your order has been delivered. This should be around 8 AM. At any point from then until the closing time of your fridge's location on that day you can pick your order up. Prior to delivery we will send you a 3 digit lock combination that will be used to unlock the specific compartment that your order is located in. Your food will be placed in a cardboard box labeled with your first and last name on it so you'll be able to see which compartment you need to unlock to get your box of food.

How will I know that someone won't take my food?

Each Snappea fridge is filled with locked compartments that each individual food order are placed within. Only you will have the 3 digit code needed to open the compartment that your food will be in. We will text you the specific code for your compartment prior to delivery.

Do you accept SNAP as a form of payment?

Unfortunately we do not accept SNAP as a form of payment at this time though we hope to be able to do so in the future.

Want a Fridge in Your Community?

We currently only deliver to residents living within the Franklin Hill Housing Complex but we are eager to expand. Fill out the fridge interest form below.