We are working to create a new food system solution, committed to equity and grounded in the following principles:

  • Affordability.

    Produce should be accessible to all, regardless of income.

  • Proximity.

    Produce should be available for pick-up close to home, not only across town.

  • Availability.

    Produce should be available to access consistently and on your own time.

  • Community Led.

    Food system solutions should be designed by the community, prioritizing cultural connection.

  • Built to Last.

    Food system solutions should be financially sustainable and committed to longevity.

Our Story

We came together while in business school over a shared interest in making communities stronger and more resilient. As we learned more about the challenges many lower income communities faced in the Greater Boston area, we came to see that the inability to afford and access healthy food was not only near the top of the list, but that this also contributed to many of the other disparities we see across these communities, ranging from higher instances of diet related disease, to worsened education and employment outcomes, and a reinforcement of racial inequality. We also came upon a uniquely underserved population: ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). These indiviudals live above the federal poverty line but still struggle financially and don't have access to many of the social safety nets provided to those below the Federal Poverty Line. In talking with ALICE individuals in the greater Boston area, we learned that most want to eat healthy food but struggle to do so for a variety of reasons, namely price, proximity, and availability. We wanted to create a solution that could address these issues and be built with sustainability and community needs and preferences as the top priorities. This led us down the path of building Snappea and we haven't looked back since.

Learn more about the problems we're trying to address and the role we believe Snappea can play in doing so:

Over the last year, our team has conducted a deep dive into the state of healthy food access in Boston and developed a proposal to fill the gaps

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